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Discover the power of doing Jewish on your terms.

Maas Center at AJU helps people navigate their lives with Jewish knowledge, tools, and experiences. Our leaders are here to support those who wish to bring Jewish into their lives and the world, no matter where they start or how far they want to go.

The Partnership Project

Formerly Marriage for Life, The Partnership Project empowers couples at any stage to build the foundations of an enduring relationship. During this multi-day program, led by relationship experts, participants develop practical tools and identify shared values. Partners have the opportunity to strengthen their relationships, address topics of potential conflict, and learn new ways to communicate effectively.

Opening Doors

By providing a safe space for dialogue within a Jewish context, Opening Doors equips parents across life stages with the tools, advice, and insights to nurture deeper connections with their children. Debbi Molnar, LMFT, facilitates this 4-part online learning series with a focus on practical tools and techniques that help parents feel more prepared to open or re-open lines of communication with their adult children.