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As prominent figures in the Los Angeles Jewish community, Judith and Louis Miller have left a lasting legacy with the Louis and Judith Miller Introduction to Judaism Program at American Jewish University. Their commitment has profoundly impacted Jewish education and continuity over the decades.

A passionate community leader, Louis held vital positions in local Jewish organizations. He was dedicated to fostering a strong sense of Jewish identity and community. Judith, equally committed, was instrumental in numerous educational and communal initiatives. Her involvement in Jewish education and her leadership in community organizations reflected her deep commitment to Jewish values and education.

Originally from New York, Louis moved to Los Angeles, where he established himself as a respected business leader. Judith, a native of Los Angeles, pursued her higher education in the city, deeply immersing herself in the local Jewish community from a young age.

Together, they were not just partners in life but also in their mission to strengthen Jewish life and learning. The Miller’s children and grandchildren continue their legacy of community involvement and Jewish education.

The Louis and Judith Miller Introduction to Judaism Program, founded in 1986, is a testament to their vision. It has grown into a significant educational initiative, welcoming people from diverse backgrounds to explore Judaism. The program’s transition to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic further expanded its reach, making Jewish education accessible to a broader audience. Even after their passing, their vision and commitment live on through the program they helped establish, continuing to inspire and educate future generations in the Jewish faith.

Judith and Louis Miller’s story is one of enduring love, commitment, and contribution to Jewish life, leaving a legacy that will resonate for generations

“The program was exactly what I was looking for: intellectual and spiritual growth. There was so much to learn from connecting with fellow classmates.”

Claudio Estrada

“We are just so blown away by the sense of community in the Miller program and are thankful to have this space to be able to come back to whenever we need.”

Racheli and Adam

“The Intro Program is a great resource whether you’re looking for knowledge and community or just peer support.”

Ian and Sahel