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AJU Community Mikvah

A person's face is partially submerged in water, eyes closed, appearing tranquil. The image is tinted purple, creating a calm, surreal atmosphere.

The mikvah, or ritual pool, is one of Judaism’s most powerful and ancient rituals. People immerse themselves in water to add a sacred dimension to life events, including celebrating times of joy, marking significant transitions, or healing during grief or illness.

The ethos of Maas Center at AJU is deeply rooted in inclusion and the Jewish values of kavod and hachnasat orchim (welcoming guests with honor and respect). Because of that, we are committed to making this ancient ritual accessible and relevant to all current and converting modern Jews, regardless of their age, affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, or background.

If you’d like to learn more or have questions, please email us at or call 310-440-1221.

The AJU Community Mikvah will be closed for renovations July 1-31.

A person is soaking in a hot tub, surrounded by lit candles, with a sign on tiled edge, suggesting a tranquil, luxurious spa setting.

The AJU Community Mikvah

Since 1981, the AJU Community Mikvah has been vital to Jewish life in Southern California. It was built under the supervision of Rabbi Ben Zion Bergman z”l, a global authority recognized for his knowledge of the halakha (Jewish law). As the only pluralistic ritual pool in the Pacific Southwest, we welcome Jews of all denominations to come and immerse themselves.

Each year, the AJU Community Mikvah hosts over a thousand visitors seeking renewal and a deeper connection to their spirituality. As the region’s hub for Jewish conversion, we partner with the Rabbinical Assembly Bet Din and the Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din to welcome hundreds of newcomers to the Jewish faith. We also host group tours and classes for adults and elementary students who come to learn about this profound tradition.

Rachel Marcus, Mikvah Manager

Meet The Manager

Rachel Marcus leads the AJU Community Mikvah. Rachel is an experienced ritualist and healer with Psychology and Jewish Studies degrees. Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Rachel is honored to be part of a new generation of voices in the LA Jewish community. In her personal life, she loves spending time outdoors, baking challah, and singing loudly in her car.

“My AJU Community Mikvah experience was fantastic. Everyone was so helpful and welcoming! 10/10 would recommend for your Mikvah needs.”

“I recently had the opportunity to visit the AJU Community Mikvah, and it was such a meaningful experience. The atmosphere was serene and peaceful, with soft lighting. The water was warm and inviting, and I felt renewed as I immersed myself. It was a moment of introspection and connection with my faith. My Mikvah experience was truly special and left me with a sense of spiritual rejuvenation.”

“I absolutely loved my experience during my immersion at the AJU Community Mikvah… the staff were terrific.”