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Ziering BCI

The image features a group of adults in front of a sign that reads "Brandeis Camp Institute," surrounded by greenery, conveying a communal, possibly historical setting.

Become who you were meant to be.

BCI is a transformative experience where Jewish and Jew-ish participants, ages 20-29, come together for a multi-day retreat. Young people from around the world meet on our idyllic campus to connect with each other and reconnect with themselves.

Three individuals are joyfully embracing, sharing a close moment. They are standing outside a building with window reflections showing foliage.

The 26-Day Program

BCI’s 26-day program is a transformative experience comprised of Jewish learning, arts, culture, and community. Each summer Jewish and Jew-ish participants in their 20s and 30s from around the world gather for a multi-day retreat on our idyllic campus to discover who they are meant to be.

Step out of your comfort zone and find your creative voice.

Retreat dates:
July 2 — 28, 2024

Program Cost:
The BCI 26-Day Program costs $600. Apply by March 18th to pay only $450.

A group of nine people posing under a sunny sky with smiles, in front of agricultural equipment, with a greenhouse and a hill in the background.

The 10-Day Program

BCI’s new 10-day experience was created exclusively for Jewish and Jew-ish college students. Each day includes Jewish learning, time in nature, expression through the arts, and self-care.

College credit is available.

Retreat dates:
June 20 — 30, 2024

Program Cost:
Due to the generosity of our supporters, BCI is able to offer the 26-Day BCI Experience on a sliding scale of $300 — $3,000. Find out more about tuition here.

The Brandeis-Bardin Campus

The Brandeis-Bardin Campus of American Jewish University is the home of BCI and serves as a beacon of Jewish culture and education. Nestled in the scenic hills of Simi Valley, the campus is celebrated for captivating architecture that complements the natural landscape, providing an inspiring environment for artistic exploration and community engagement. This thriving center offers a host of diverse programs centered around Jewish learning, creativity, and social responsibility.

A group of individuals in white attire huddled together, smiling at the camera from a low angle, surrounded by trees under a clear sky.

“I learned that my identity as a nonbinary individual does not clash with my identity as a Jew. Rather, the two complement each other and integrate with each other in such profound ways. I am very proud of myself for overcoming my challenges of stepping out of my comfort zone and reconnecting with my faith, both of which I feel I accomplished this summer at BCI.”

Joshua, 26, Boynton Beach, Florida

“Yes! I had the chance to be myself without any filter: Zionist and pro-Palestinian, queer, and Jewish. I’d never felt so accepted in my life and that’s thanks to all the amazing staff.”

Noy, 28, Tel Aviv, Israel

“I feel more like myself here than I have in a long time. My confidence has grown. It has been so amazing to feel 110% supported by the staff and other participants and it has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone in a supported way.”

Emma, 25, Ann Arbor, Michigan