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Maas Center at American Jewish University develops transformative experiences for Jewish, Jew-ish, or Jew-curious people. Through a unique suite of programs like Miller Intro to Judaism, BCI, and the community Mikvah, we provide teachings, tools, and experiences rooted in ancient Jewish practice so anyone can do Jewish on their terms.

Rabbi Tarlan Rabizadeh

Vice President, Director of Maas Center and Miller Intro to Judaism
Programs: Intro to Judaism | Mikvah | Opening Doors | The Partnership Program

Rabbi Myra Meskin

Associate Director of Maas Center and Director of BCI
Programs: BCI | Mikvah | Opening Doors | The Partnership Program

Benjamin Wright

Associate Director of Intro to Judaism
Programs: Intro to Judaism

Rachel Marcus

Manager of Community Mikvah
Programs: Mikvah

Rae Antonoff

Curriculum Educator
Programs: Intro to Judaism

Janet Djalilmand

Executive Assistant of Maas Center
Programs: BCI | Intro to Judaism | Mikvah | Opening Doors | The Partnership Program

Our Donors

A Vision Made Possible by Virginia and Frank Maas

Virginia and Frank Maas have been Los Angeles Jewish community leaders for over 45 years. Through their generous gift, the Maas Center and its groundbreaking programs have supported those from all backgrounds to discover the power of bringing Jewish into their lives. Their son, Michael Maas, is Chair of the Maas Advisory Board. To learn more about how to get involved, email Read the Maas Story.

The Lasting Impact of Judith and Louis Miller

Judith and Louis Miller, of blessed memory, are remembered leaders in the Los Angeles Jewish community. Through the Miller Introduction to Judaism Program at American Jewish University, they leave an indelible mark. Established in 1986, the program reflects the Millers’ deep commitment to Jewish learning and continuity, and is now a notable educational initiative in North America. Even after their passing, the program continues to thrive, reaching a global audience through its online courses and fostering Jewish connections and education for individuals from all walks of life. Read the Miller Story.

The Zierings Behind BCI

The Brandeis Camp Institute, supported by the Ziering family, has been instrumental for decades in aiding Jews globally in discovering their identity. Established through the generosity and vision of Sigi and Marilyn Ziering, the institute reflects their deep commitment to Jewish education and cultural continuity. It serves as a testament to their legacy, fostering a sense of community and self-discovery among its participants. Read the Ziering Story.