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Sigi Ziering was born in Kassel, Germany in 1928. His mother’s brother and he survived the holocaust, spending most of their time in the Riga ghetto after being transferred there from Germany.

The three were part of 1000 Jews that were ransomed by Himmler for 1M dollars paid to the Jewish Agency and were liberated a week before the war ended. The family was reunited with Isaac, Sigi’s father, and lived in London before moving to Brooklyn at the end of the 40s. There, he got an undergraduate degree at Brooklyn College. And met Marilyn Brisman and married in 1953.

Marilyn grew up in an observant home in Queens. She attended Queens College, and after getting married, the couple moved to Syracuse, where Marilyn got a Masters in speech therapy and Sigi a Ph.D. in physics. After the birth of their son Michael, the Zierings moved to Massachusetts. Rosanne, Ira, and Amy were born soon after.

In 1968, the family moved to Los Angeles in the house Marilyn still lives in. The couple became involved in DPC in 1973 and assumed control shortly after. At the time, DPC had less than five employees. 2006, when the company was sold, there were over 2700 employees.

Marilyn and Sigi became involved in several nonprofits, including Tel Hashomer Hospital in Israel, Temple Beth Am, and the UJ. Both became involved not only financially but also devoted time to it.
Sigi passed away in 2000. Marilyn has nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild.