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Miller Intro to Judaism

For anyone Jewish, 

The Miller Introduction to Judaism Program is an 18-week course designed to provide fundamental knowledge, practical skills, and clarifying insights into Jewish culture. No matter your age or background, we encourage you to join the program and learn about the Torah and Judaism’s many rituals, values, and holidays. Each cohort will explore the past, present, and future of Judaism with guidance from a rabbi.

Whether you want to learn more about your culture, are considering converting, or are eager to bring more Jewish into your life, the Miller Introduction to Judaism Program is for you. Learn what we cover in the course overview.

Take the course
with us online

Learn with our qualified rabbis over Zoom.

Take the course in your community

Learn in person with local leaders and experts.

Want to bring Intro to Judaism to your community?

Students learn in person with local leaders and experts. Get our comprehensive learning materials. 

Join the Tribe

Interested in Converting? Here’s how.

Two people are outdoors sitting closely, sharing a moment reading a book together. The person on the right has visible tattoos on their arm.

“The program was exactly what I was looking for: intellectual and spiritual growth. There was so much to learn from connecting with fellow classmates.”

Claudio Estrada

“The Intro Program is a great resource whether you’re looking for knowledge and community or just peer support.”

Ian and Sahel

“We are just so blown away by the sense of community in the Miller program and are thankful to have this space to be able to come back to whenever we need.”

Racheli and Adam