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Opening Doors

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When children become adults, parenting takes on new dimensions. As that relationship evolves, communicating with your adult children can be a source of significant meaning—and stress. 

Maas Center’s Opening Doors is a four-part online course to help you develop the skills to improve (or re-open) the lines of communication with your adult children. Led by licensed marriage and family therapists, with spiritual guidance from Maas Center rabbis, the program provides you with the essential tools, advice, and spiritual guidance to re-establish connections, uphold healthy boundaries, and deepen bonds with your adult children.

You will complete Opening Doors equipped to confidently bridge generational gaps and build deeper connections with your children.

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What to expect

Maas Center’s Opening Doors will help you develop the skills to have meaningful conversations with your adult children. Facilitated by Debbi Molnar, LMFT, this four-part online series focuses on practical tools and techniques that help you to open (or re-open) the lines of communication.

Opening Doors equips participants with tools, advice, and spiritual guidance to help re-establish connections, uphold healthy boundaries, and deepen bonds with their children.

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Session details

  • Session 1 — Understanding the Changing Landscape & Creating Curious Conversations 
  • Session 2 — Think Before You Speak: Managing Emotional Reactivity 
  • Session 3 — Bumps in the Road: How to Have a Difficult Conversation 
  • Session 4 — Keep Calm and Carry On: Troubleshooting & Wrap-up 

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing service and care you had for each person who attended this program. You bended backward to make sure every single participant has a chance to get the best knowledge from your sessions. Debbi you are amazing!”

“Debbi Molnar was outstanding. She delivered the material in a clear manner and made everybody feel comfortable. She answered all our questions. It was such a great experience and I highly recommend this program!”

“The course was so helpful in learning ways to enhance communication between parents and their adult children. It was overall a wonderful and eye-opening workshop!”